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4.9% Listing Program - Average Savings of $4,000!

When selling your home, take advantage of our 4.9% Listing Program, minus a 10% discount for Veterans. What we mean by "Reduced Listing Fee" is that the  Adams Homes team is not your typical real estate agent charging the typical 6% of the selling price to list your home - where that amount is split between the listing firm and firm of the buyer's agent. If a listing firm is charging a 6% listing fee and it is usually split evenly with 3% going to each firm.

With our 4.9% Listing Program, you can save on both the listing and selling side of the fee and this fee is paid when you close, not upfront. As the seller you choose to offer the Buyer Agency fee to offer (usually 2-2.4%). There is no "catch" to our discounted pricing, you can save an average of $4,000 or more on real estate commissions paid out at closing and still receive great service and marketing. 

When you have the Home Search Team list your home through our 4.9% Listing Program, you still receive Full Service - including Marketing, Contract Negotiation, Due Diligence Process, and Closing Co-ordination Services, but you will save on average $4,000 in your listing fees - much more on homes over $300,000!

Adams Homes provides the 4.9% Listing Program to help veterans and their families save thousands when selling their home. Give us a call if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment 910-650-9887.

Your Savings: Let's Do the Math

Let's see how much you can save using our 4.9% Listing Program:

If you sell Home for: Traditional Broker (6%) 4.4% Listing Program -Veterans 4.9% Listing Program - Civilians
$150,000 $9,000 $6,600 = $2,400 Saved!  $7,350 = $1,650 Saved!
$200,000 $12,000 $8,800 = $3,200 Saved! $9,800 = $2,200 Saved!
$250,000 $15,000 $11,000 = $4,000 Saved! $12,250 = $2,750 Saved!
$300,000 $18,000 $13,200 = $4,800 Saved! $14,700 = $3,300 Saved!
$400,000 $24,000 $17,600 = $6,400 Saved! $19,600 = $4,400 Saved!

Why Do We Offer the 4.9% Listing Program?

We believe in helping our military families with a 10% discount off our standard 4.9 Listing Fee Program, so they can save thousands of dollars at a time when there are many extra expenses. We believe that by helping our military families save money now, we will receive listing and buyer referrals from the families we help.  

With our 4.9% Listing Program, we provide the following services:

  1. Dedicated Property Website with a minimum of 30 photos!
  2. Listing uploaded on NC Regional MLS and syndicated out to over 85+ real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia,, and many others at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  3. A Virtual Tour built to engage buyers.
  4. A YouTube Video designed to rank high in searches for your home. YouTube is the second most searched website.
  5. Social media tools for family and friends to share your property listing.
  6. Automated social media sharing of your listing on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  7. Free Updates on Showings scheduled and feedback from buyers
  8. Standard Realtor Yard Sign
  9. Printable Flyers and Brochures (PDF available).
  10. 3D Matterport Tours available for qualified properties
  11. Our Full Service Listing Service includes all the above plus Marketing, Contract Negotiation, Due Diligence Process, and Closing Co-ordination Services

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