First Step in Buying a Home

Find a Good Buyer's Agent

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Want to know why it is best for a buyer to use a Buyer's Agent?.

So if you have been thinking about buying a home and you have been driving around the Jacksonville area looking at homes, you may have called a number on a For Sale sign for more information or at least thought about calling.

When you call the phone number on the yard sign - you are calling the Seller's Agent - is this a good decision?

1) There are several reasons why calling a Seller's Agent not be a good decision for a buyer?

  • The Seller's Agent represents the seller and it is their duty to get the best deal for their seller
  • They will tell the seller all that they learned about you, the buyer, that would enhance the seller's negotiating position
  • Their primary interest is selling the homes of their sellers, not helping buyers
  • They will highlight positive aspects of home and material facts, but will not mentioned negative aspects
  • They will protect the seller's interest by not suggesting other homes that may be a better choice.
  • They will initiate negotiating strategy that will favor the seller's position
  • Offer to Purchase will be written to protect seller, not buyer
  • Financing will be directed to protect seller's interest
  • Negotiation will be on behalf of the seller - to protect the seller's interest
  • Follow up after the contract is signed to solve any problems will be with the seller's interest as primary 
  • Since their primary focus is on their seller's listing, they are not likely to spend time finding a buyer's dream home elsewhere

2) There are many reasons why calling a Buyer's Agent would be your best decision?

  • Buyer's Agent is focused on you as a buyer, their main goal is to find the home that best fits your needs and budget
  • Buyer can talk freely, everything said is held in confidence
  • There is no cost to the buyer to use a Buyer's Agent - the seller agrees in his Listing Agreement to pay a certain amount to the seller agent and buyer agent
  • Shows all available homes fitting the buyer's criteria, suggesting alternatives to buyer
  • Provides unbiased information on homes in the area, both the positive and negative aspects
  • Educate the buyer by comparing Active and Sold properties
  • Educate the buyer by planning a negotiating strategy
  • Offer to purchase will be written to protect the buyer
  • Financing alternatives will be suggested that have the buyers best interest in mind
  • Protect buyer from possible pitfalls during the entire buying process
  • Negotiate on behalf of the buyer, make buyer aware of any past offers or other information that would be to the buyer's advantage
  • Follow through after contract negotiation to solve any problems on behalf of the buyer
  • Be available to buyer after closing to provide assistance

The First Step in Buying a Home is finding a good Buyer's Agent - Rebecca Quick and Walter Whitehurst would like to work as your Buyer's Agent and here's why:

  • We work as a team and are available to work with you almost anytime
  • We have have plenty of experience working with military families with good advice, timely responses, and plenty of information
  • We are there to help you, whether you are overseas or already here in the Jacksonville area
  • We don't require you to sign a Buyer's Agency immediately, because we want you to feel comfortably with us
  • Once you experience the level of service we provide, we hope you will be completely satisfied with us as your Buyer's Agent

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