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The Neuse River Area of North Carolina is a Wonderful Place to Live!

The Neuse River is a well-known river that rises in the Piedmont of North Carolina and empties into the Pamlico Sound below New Bern.

This 275-mile long river is the largest river entirely contained in the state of North Carolina. More than that, however, this is a great area to call home! Continue reading to learn more.

Neuse River Communities

Here are some of the places that are most commonly associated with the lower Neuse River Basin area.  Click on the City or Town name to view homes for sale in those areas:

What Buyers Should Know About the Neuse River

Just like many rivers in the Coastal Plains of North Carolina, the Neuse River enters a basin of intermittent bottomland swamp as it journeys toward its outlet. One exception to this is the “Cliffs of the Neuse” area near Goldsboro, which is where the river cuts a narrow 30-meter gorge through limestone and sandstone bluffs.

This river has a history that dates back thousands of years, to when the indigenous people were living along the river. In fact, many artifacts have been found along its banks that trace back to prehistoric Native American settlements.

Later, two English captains commissioned by Sir Walter Raleigh would discover the river around 1585.

The river served as a major attraction for settlers in the area, offering recreation, commerce, and so much more.

In all, the Neuse flows through parts of seven counties. Crabtree Creek, West Bear Creek, Bear Creek and Lefferts’ Creek are all tributaries of the Neuse.

Some of the major cities and towns that are located close to the river include Durham, Neuse Township; Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina; Smithfield; Goldsboro; Kinston; and New Bern.

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