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Emerald Isle

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Emerald Isle Homes and Beaches

Emerald Isle has some of the most beautiful beaches along the eastern coast. Emerald Isle is reached by a high rise bridge from Cedar Point on the mainland and also by way of Morehead City and Atlantic Beach. The beach and area surrounding it was initially designed in the 1920's to create a large tourist summer attraction. Beautiful Beaches along Emerald Isle NC

Henry Fort, who owned the land around Emerald Isle originally worked to create designs for an ocean resort, but things were never finalized. After his death, his daughter Anita Maulick inherited the property and sold it in the 1950's to a developer and the area was divided into 1000+ foot blocks designed for commercial and residential development. In 1971, a bridge was constructed from the island to the mainland and this increased development of the island substantially.

Many claim that the large forest that resides on Emerald Isle is the reason for its name. This probably happened when the developers flew over the island and saw the area and thought it looked like a green gem off the coast of North Carolina, which caused them to call it Emerald Isle.

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